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BY: Dr. Kim Leis-Keeling




When my son was 4 years old, he asked me “Mom, why are you carpet-practor?” Of course I had to laugh hysterically then explain the correct pronunciation of “chiropractor”. He has since gotten to understand more about sports chiropractic and reap the benefits. Both of my children are my also patients. Over the years, they have learned to listen to their bodies and know what needs attention. They are the ones coming to me and asking to be treated - not me telling them it is time for a “tune-up”.


I wanted to share some perspective from my children and other parents who bring their children in for chiropractic care. The following is a brief interview of my children, Tristan and Taylor. As well as, testimonials from parents who bring in their children regularly for care. Here is what they had to say about being chiropractic patients.


What is chiropractic care?

            Tristan: “Working on your body so it feels better.”

            Taylor: “Adjusting and massaging.”


What is your favorite part about me working on your body?

            Tristan: “I love the lower back stretchy thing.” (He is talking about traction.)

            Taylor: “I like the massage and when you tape my sore legs.”


How do you know when your body needs some work done on it?

            Tristan: “When I’m really sore after practice or games, when I get a headache or my tailbone hurts.”

            Taylor: “When my back or legs hurt after gymnastics practice.”


What does it feel like to get a spinal adjustment?

            Tristan: “It feels sooo good!”

            Taylor: “It feels good and relaxing.”


What would you tell parents who may be nervous about their children going to a chiropractor?

            Tristan: “What is there to be nervous about?”

            Taylor: “I don’t understand why they would be nervous.”


Is there anything else you want to share about your chiropractic experience?

            Tristan: “Nope, I’m good.” (haha - typical tweenager)

Taylor: “I like it that you taught me how to tape my legs and ankles when they are sore. One time at gymnastics practice, the coach asked me to help tape a teammate because she didn’t know how to use the kinesiotape and I did. It made me feel proud.”



My personal testimony

I have been treating my children since the day they were born. We started with gentle infant massage, craniosacral therapy, various chiropractic adjusting techniques and have advanced into more dynamic treatments including stretching, strength exercises, taping, cupping, acupuncture and they have even used the Normatec Recovery Pants.

Why do I treat my children? I understand the concept that we simply cannot run our body into the ground with the physical demands of life, sports and stress without it taking its toll – regardless of our age. The joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments all take a beating and over time joints become strained while muscles and fascia get filled with adhesion and knots. Both of which can lead to faulty sports mechanics and injuries. When pain starts to set in, you cannot take enough NSAIDs to realign your joints and remove muscle adhesions. And with our national opioid epidemic roaring strong, I want my children to learn how to remove pain from their body without resorting to drugs. 


 Testimony by Wendy Keaney

“I take my children to Dr. Kim on a monthly basis, during the seasons that they compete.   She provides much more than adjustments and physical therapy.  As a mom, I appreciate the education Dr. Kim provides my children on the specific demands their sports put on their bodies and why.  That knowledge has made them more aware of their everyday aches and pains and how to treat them, before they turn into more serious overuse injuries.”


Testimony by Thomas Green

“We believe that proper spine alignment at any age returns excellent overall health benefits.  Our hope by adjusting our children at a young age is to maintain a strong immune system and prevent sports injuries as they grow.  Chiropractic adjustments fit well into our overall family belief in prevention of diseases, over our lifetime, instead of treatment after the fact.”


Testimony by Mandi Tooker

My 3.5 year old twins have been going to Dr. Kim for a couple years now for help with leg muscles and GI complaints. She has been an amazing asset in their care, they will ask to see her when feeling in pain. She will massage and stretch muscles from head to toe. They love going there and helping with the “clicker”. She really knows what she’s doing and highly recommended.


Testimony by Sheryl English

“I decided to take my seven year old daughter to a chiropractor because she plays several sports, and takes dance and gymnastic lessons. She also wears a full backpack to and from school. So when she began complaining of headaches I was concerned that she strained something in her neck and would be prone to injury because of an imbalance in her body or lack of muscle strength. My daughter’s pediatrician was in favor of her visiting a chiropractor and liked Dr. Kim Keeling at the Sports & Spinal Wellness Center.

At the first appointment, Dr. Keeling observed my daughter’s posture and examined her from head to toe. My daughter can be fearful of new experiences but immediately felt very relaxed with Dr. Keeling. We received a simple and quick exercise to do at home, and Dr. Keeling massaged my daughter’s neck and muscles along the back to loosen them. She also worked on my daughter’s hips to ensure that they were aligned. Dr. Keeling uses massage or a painless, non-invasive tool that makes clicking sounds when working on my daughter. My daughter loves going to the chiropractor. She finds it very relaxing and always feels great afterwards. I have been amazed at how tight my daughter’s muscles can be and that she has trigger points at such a young age. I believe that the chiropractic appointments are helping my daughter to stay in shape and the benefits will last her a life time.”


As always, if you have questions about this article and pediatric chiropractic care, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our consultations are always free. Please feel free to contact us at the Sports & Spinal Wellness Center at 518-869-3415. Please visit our website for more information at www.sportsandspinalwellness.com. We would be happy to be a part of your health care team.







March 08, 2018
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By: Dr. Amanda Boccio


Are you one of the millions of Americans who have trouble sleeping a few nights a week or more? A healthy amount of sleep is essential for our optimal physical and mental wellbeing.  It improves alertness, productivity, and the ability to heal and recover.  In general, adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night; but requirements do vary based on age, lifestyle and health. If you are feeling less than your best due to poor sleep habits, consider making changes to your nighttime routine. Follow these suggestions to improve your sleep hygiene practices:


1. Limit napping:  When you take naps longer than 30 minutes, particularly in the afternoon, it decreases the amount of sleep you need at night.  This is because our bodies require a certain amount of sleep within a 24 hours period, but no more.  It may also make it hard to fall asleep fast, because napping diminishes “sleep debt” required for ease of sleep onset.


2. Establish a consistent bedtime routine.  Ideally, you should go to bed and wake up at the same time (plus or minus 20 minutes) every day, even on weekends and on vacations.  An hour before bedtime, turn off the mind stimulating electronic devices.  Don’t watch TV in bed, instead, read in a chair, meditate, or take a shower or bath.  An Epsom salt soak helps ease muscle tension and achy joints, and may help melt away stressors from the day. 


3. Create an optimal sleeping environment.  Your bedroom should be dark, quiet, and a cool, comfortable temperature- between 60-67 degrees is ideal.  Turn off bright lights and the TV.  If you are a “clock watcher”, make sure the clock is out of sight.  Consider background “white noise” like a humidifier or fan.  Lastly, (as hard as it may be) if your pets disturb your sleep, do not allow them on the bed.


4. Evaluate your mattress and pillows:  Your bed should be comfortable and supportive.  Most good quality mattresses have a life expectancy of about 10 years.  Consider the age of your mattress if you have noticed a sudden onset of nighttime discomfort or poor sleep quality.  Your pillow should keep your head and neck in a neutral position, regardless of your sleeping position.


5. If you are awake in bed for more than 10 minutes, get up! It is common to lie awake worrying about why you can’t fall asleep, or with a mind that won’t stop racing.  When this happens, get out of bed, sit in a chair or on the floor in the dark, and let your mind race and ruminate until you feel tired- then go back to bed. Don’t turn on the TV, look at your phone, or use the Internet during this time. 


6. Get regular exercise:  30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day has shown to significantly improve sleep quality.  In general, strenuous workouts should be avoided in the evening and close to bedtime because endorphins released during intense exercise may cause difficultly initiating sleep.  Exercise at any time of the day that works best for you, but never at the expense of your sleep.  Quality sleep is required to help you heal, recover, and get the most out of your exercise training. 


Optimize your sleep hygiene practices and wake rested and ready to conquer the day, every day! As always, if you have questions about this article, we are here to help.  Our consultations are always free.  Please feel free to contact us at the Sports & Spinal Wellness Center at 518-869-3415.  Visit our website for more information at www.sportsandspinalwellness.com. We would be happy to be a part of your health care team.


March 08, 2018
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By: Dr. Kim Leis-Keeling


How many of you go through this routine in the morning? The alarm goes off so you remove your dental mouth guard or CPAP machine, put on your glasses or contacts, clean your dentures, adjust your hearing aid, put on any necessary braces on your joints and then make sure you changed out your orthotics to the right shoes for the day. Are we all becoming life-size versions of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head? It seems silly that we have to put on all our parts for the day so our bodies can function and we look presentable to the world. Who is really aging gracefully??? Let’s be honest – aging stinks! (All in humor)


Every day in the clinic I hear “I just can’t do what I used to be able to do” or “Every day something different hurts” or “I love to play tennis but I just can’t do it anymore”. I hear your frustration and I agree that it is maddening. We all just want to go about living doing the same things we love to do. The reality of our aging bodies usually starts affecting us around age 40. So any of you young kids out there (anyone under 40) enjoy whatever pain free days you have left. For all the rest of us, how can we hold onto our inner youth while trying to preserve our Mr. Potato Head parts?


  1. Learn about natural ways to alleviate pain and take care of your body. Chiropractic care is one of the best strategies to treat and manage many back and neck conditions. Some of our patients get relief in a few visits but some choose to continue a treatment schedule that helps their specific pain to stay at bay. Our Medical Massage Therapists are all trained and experienced in working with patients in pain. We have many tools and techniques to tailor a plan that works for you!


  2. Be realistic about your injuries. Is the damage to a particular joint beyond the body’s ability to heal itself? If you have had multiple orthopedic specialists tell you that you need a knee replacement, then strongly consider getting the surgery.The few months of rehabilitation after surgery will be worth it if it enhances your quality of life.


  3. Redefine your capabilities and keep an open mind to trying new activities. Accepting that your body is getting older doesn’t mean that you have to turn into a couch potato. Weather it is playing a sport or putting mulch in your yard, your body may feel more soreness for the next few days than it would have 20+ years ago. You still need to continue moving but you may have to take breaks periodically between long sessions of yard work or house work. Try a new sport that is less aggressive on your body but still provided the social aspects you are looking for.


  1. Stay involved in the sports and activities that bring you joy. For example, if you were a competitive athlete, there are still ways to stay involved. Look for an organization or league of similar age group or ability level, volunteer as a coach or mentor for a youth program, look for an opportunity to help organize tournaments or run the time clock, etc.


This aging process may not be anything that we imaged but it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. Changing our perspective can enhance the quality of our golden years. As always, if you have questions about this article or want assistance with continuing to live and age with an active lifestyle, we are here to help. Our consultations are always free. Please feel free to contact us at the Sports & Spinal Wellness Center at 518-869-3415. Please visit our website for more information at www.sportsandspinalwellness.com. We would be happy to be a part of your health care team.




BY: Dr. Kim Leis-Keeling


‘Tis the season for spreading joy, feeling joyful, singing “Joy to the World”, but do we really know what “joy” is or what it feels like? Do you surround yourself with people and items that bring you joy?  I’m going to share my journey about how I have learned to appreciate having a little more joy in my life.

A few years ago, I was walking through Target past the book isle. I saw this tiny book out of the corner of my eye and immediately felt like I was supposed to have this book. I’m sure most of you have had this happen to you while visiting Target - before you know it your cart is filled with random stuff. Anyway, the book is called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.  Why on earth would I have this strong intuition that I should read a book about how to basically clean my house? I thought I was doing a pretty good job - haha.

The book describes this entire process of how to declutter, tidy, and organize everything in your home. She even goes into detail describing how to fold your clothes so your “clothes are happily resting in their drawers” and not a jumbled pile of socks. My initial thought was that this woman was OCD about organizing. But there was one phrase from the book that stuck in my head – “Does this thing/item bring you joy?”  If the answer is no, then get rid of it.

Again feeling like this was some sort of calling, I set out to “KonMarie” my house (that is what she calls her method of madness). I started with my clothes, getting rid of any item that “did not bring me joy.” You are supposed to thank these items for the good times you had together and wish them well to the next owner. It felt a little like a good ole’ fashion break-up. But WOW did it feel good to get rid of all that stuff. It took me about a week to get through EVERY SINGLE CLOTHING ITEM and fold it the “KonMarie Way”. At this point, my husband thought I had lost my mind - haha. I said to him “Watch out Mister, your stuff is next!”

So over the course of the next two months, I went through my entire house paying homage to the items that once brought me joy but now need a new home. I went through my husband’s clothes (don’t tell him I donated his old blue cashmere sweater he had for 20 years and never wore). Then onto the kid’s rooms and clothes, every closet, books, kitchen cabinets, old household items, and I got rid of a lot of wicker baskets. I’ve discovered they just collect junk I don’t need. I can’t tell you how good it feels to get rid of the stuff in your house that is weighing you down. Now it is a big joke in our house that clothes need to be folded the “KonMarie Way” - and my husband still thinks I’m nuts. :)

So what does this have to do with finding joy? After going through this process, I began to look at other aspect of my life and ask the question, “Does ____ bring me joy?”  The main area I was struggling with was exercise and running. I had always loved playing sports and running. In my 20’s, I could run 10 miles like nothing then spend the rest of the day playing volleyball on the beach. After I had children, I always struggled getting back into running. My body didn’t like it as much and it always seemed like a chore to push myself to run. But then I finally asked myself, “Does running bring me joy?” and the answer was … no. So why am I forcing myself to do an exercise that is internally making me miserable? I did enjoy running at one point in my life but not currently. What I actually discovered about myself is that I love to play sports, not just to run down the road for an hour. So I started to play basketball again once a week with some amazing women. We have so much fun and I’m actually running for about 90 minutes. By the end I’m completely exhausted and dripping wet. It is the best workout I’ve had in years. Playing basketball truly brings me joy.

So as you float though the madness of December, try to take a few moments to reflect on what truly brings you joy. If you like to set New Year’s Resolutions, this is a great place to start. Discover what makes your soul happy. This simple little book has changed my life. No matter how bad a day is, I can always go home, open my sock drawer and smirk at how immaculately folded my socks are and it makes me laugh. At least the socks are happy! 

As always, if you have questions about this article or would like a free consultation, please call our office at 518-869-3415. Visit our website at www.sportsandspinalwellness.com.  We would be happy to be a part of your healthcare team.


October 01, 2012
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Vitamin D Special.  

For the month of October we will have Vitamin D for 20% off.  

More and more studies are emerging that state, nation wide, our blood levels of vitamin D are extremely low.  Vitamin D acts as a hormone in our body to help with mood, bone formation and immune system function.  Your best natural defense against "The Flu"

Ask Dr. Kim if Vitamin D can help you.

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